Progressive Intervention Unit

The Youth Center of the High Plains’ Progressive Intervention Unit (PIU) is a 90-day secure post-adjudication program. The central focus of this program is didactic training within a highly structured setting. The PIU utilizes an interactive peer group, which is facilitated by specifically trained staff. The PIU is designed for youths (male and female) who would best benefit from:

  • A highly structured secure setting
  • Clear and consistent 24-hour monitoring and supervision
  • Basic Anger Control Strategies
  • Basic Substance Abuse Education
  • Basic Social Skills Teaching and Practice
  • Rational Behavior Training (RBT)

This unit serves both male and female juveniles and is best suited for those youths who have demonstrated continued adjustment challenges and risky behaviors in their respective communities. This program is not intended for those youths requiring more long-term placements. Ongoing licensed clinical mental health services are not provided, with the exception of crisis intervention services. The PIU is designed to serve the needs of youths adjudicated delinquent with a measured FSIQ of 70 or above.

Juveniles within the PIU will be engaged in a highly structured and consistent setting in which they can learn basic behavioral and cognitive strategies to help them gain a sense of self-control, self-worth, and accomplishment. The skills and assets developed within the PIU are intended to empower youths to avoid becoming more deeply involved in the juvenile justice system, as they become law-abiding productive members of their respective communities.