Constructive Living Unit

The Youth Center operates a secure therapeutic coed residential program for adjudicated male and female offenders. The Constructive Living Unit (CLU) is designed to emphasize positive change in an environment that teaches, holds responsible, and rewards positive choices.

The Constructive Living Unit serves adjudicated males and females primarily from the Texas Panhandle, but is also available to counties throughout the State of Texas. The program is best suited for more sophisticated, repeat and/or serious offenders, between the ages of 14 and 17 (though individual consideration is given to younger youth as well). This intense, structured and confrontational program places emphasis on individual responsibility, thinking errors, and building empathy.

CLU is an earn-your-way-out program where a youth is expected to do more than simply pass "time". The earn/non-earn philosophy puts the responsibility of exiting on each youth respectively. Social skills, Rational Behavioral Training (RBT), anger control, community and moral development are emphasized in CLU. Sex offender treatment is provided as an adjunct therapy; provided by a contracted Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider. Additionally, substance abuse education and therapeutic groups are offered by in-house Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors. Professional counseling, provided by Master’s level licensed therapists, is included for each resident's individualized treatment. The average length of stay is 9-13 months.

The Youth Center is a campus of the Canyon Independent School District. All detained youth are required to attend class and are taught by accredited teachers. Upon leaving the Youth Center, grades and progress information will be provided to each child’s home campus.  CISD provides a full range of educational services, including special education. Educational transition services are provided through a cooperative with the resident’s facility treatment team, CISD personnel and the child’s community campus.

Residents are allowed weekly contact with their parents and may earn additional visiting privileges with positive and appropriate behaviors. Desired appropriate and “breakthrough” behaviors are rewarded within the YCHP token economy system.

If you are interested in more information or would like to make a referral, please contact: Neil Eddins, Deputy Chief Facility Administrator at 806/468-5707 or Erin Wyrick, Deputy Chief of Behavioral Health at 806/468-5783, Monica Kelly or Luke Ferguson, Case Managers at 806/468-5708.  

Sex Offender Treatment Program Track
Substance Abuse Intervention Track (SAIT)