Youth Center of the High Plains Residential Services

The Youth Center of the High Plains operates a 32 bed post-adjudication placement facility for both male and female juveniles. Beginning in 1992, with the establishment of our flagship program, the Constructive Living Unit (CLU), the YCHP has aimed to provide a safe, secure environment in which residents can learn accountability, victim empathy, and pro-social skills. For 25 years, the staff of the YCHP has assisted youth from all corners of Texas to realize their intrinsic worth and value, adopt improved decision making skills, understand the effect their choices have on others, and return to their communities as productive citizens.

The residential treatment staff is selected for their unique set of skills including modeling healthy living, investment in the success of the resident, and teaching life skills. The residential staff receives specialized training in addition to the required JSO Basic training. A case manager, coach staff, and individual licensed counselor are assigned to each resident to assist in individualized treatment planning. Rational Behavioral Training is the cornerstone of each of the YCHP Programs. Our therapeutic community encourages a focus on rational thinking and individual responsibility. A culture of peer accountability is encouraged and residents participate in Daily Living groups in which healthy confrontation and problem solving is practiced. Social skills are emphasized in all residential programs and are part of the child’s individualized treatment plan. Group programming is delivered three times a day by the residential treatment staff, licensed mental health professionals, and licensed chemical dependency counselors.
Curriculum is carefully selected to provide a best practice approach in our work with the unique needs of juvenile offenders. Adjunct therapies are also offered to youth including music therapy, student council, Ropes Challenge Course, Trauma- Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and gender specific groups.

The Constructive Living Unit (CLU) offers two specialized treatment tracks. The Substance Abuse Intervention Track (SAIT) is designed for residents in need of secure, substance abuse treatment. The Sex Offender Treatment Track is designed for youth with sexual offending behaviors.
In 2016, the Progressive Intervention Unit (PIU) was introduced in 2016 to provide a secure environment for youth in need of intervention to prevent further involvement in the juvenile justice setting. PIU is a 90-day secure program that focuses on didactic training within a highly structured setting.
If you are interested in more information or would like to make a referral, please contact:

Erin Wyrick, Deputy Chief of Behavioral Health at 806-468-5783
Monica Kelly or Luke Ferguson, Case Managers at 806-468-5708.