The Youth Center of the High Plains Challenge Course is a facility where groups are given the opportunity to learn while engaging in experiential activities that give them space to move outside their comfort zone. This type of therapy is utilized in hopes of improving self-esteem, pro-social behavior, leadership abilities, trust and more. Our trained ropes facilitators work with each group to design team building experiences that fulfill goals identified by individuals and the group. Facilitators guide participants through the course while providing feedback and encouraging self-reflection. This is done with the hope that the participants will be able to transfer what they learn about themselves and others into their everyday lives.

Every summer, juveniles served by both Potter and Randall County Juvenile Probation and The Youth Center of the High Plains are presented with problem solving initiatives and led through low and high ropes elements that are offered in a progression that increases in challenge and complexity.

Our Low Ropes Course is designed with team building and conflict resolution in mind. This course features games and initiatives, as well as elements that are close to the ground and require groups to effectively communicate and problem solve in order to complete the task.

Our High Ropes Course is designed for participants to develop self-efficiency with team support by allowing the group to collectively conquer their fears and support each other while each individual is able to focus on personal growth by overcoming challenges in a fun, exhilarating way!

Our philosophy on the Ropes Course is “Challenge by Choice.” This means that no individual will be forced to participate on any of the elements. However, participants are strongly encouraged to go beyond their perceived limits. If they are able to get outside of their “comfort zone,” there is an opportunity for immense growth.