Parent Project

Empowering Parents
Transforming Teens

Melissa Massie, Community Outreach Specialist with Randall County, offers a beneficial program for parents with at risk youth. The Parent Project is a ten week program, presented by the Randall County Juvenile Probation Department, to parents of strong willed children. It is specifically designed for families who are experiencing family conflict, truancy, drug use, runaway behaviors, violence, youth gangs and teen suicidality. Some of the key elements of the program’s success include a solution focused behavioral approach to problems; in other words, real concrete solutions for dealing with common family issues, as they arise.

The material is presented mainly through activity based instruction and group work. Parents are empowered by ongoing emotional and practical support from their group. A focus point of the program is parents of high risk kids are often burnt out, however, they still love their children. The methods of managing high risk behaviors are taught and reinforced weekly. Parents have the opportunity to learn peace in their homes is possible through consistent positive and negative consequences. The Parent Project is offered three times a year and cost for materials is $20 per family. The family must complete an assessment to determine eligibility. You may contact our Community Outreach Specialist at 806-468-5704 for more information.