Randall County Juvenile Probation

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Randall County Juvenile Probation Department is to provide quality preventive and rehabilitative services for youthful offenders, youth at risk of offending, their families and the community. These services should be provided in a way that assures an appropriate level of supervision and services for the needs of the youth and their families; promote the safety and welfare of the community and create a professional, healthy efficient workplace so that those served can become self-sufficient.

Juvenile probation officers are required to hold a bachelors degree, preferably in a social science plus either one year toward an advanced degree or of casework supervision. Juvenile probation officers are certified through the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

Randall County Juvenile Probation receives referrals on youths ages 10–17 who are alleged to have broken the law within the boundaries of Randall County. Some of the youth referred to Randall County Juvenile Probation will be admitted to detention at the Youth Center at referral; however, most youth are not detained at referral.

At referral, parents are invited to attend an intake with their referred child. We are interested in more than the alleged offense. We also want to understand the circumstances and needs of the child and family. Once the intake is completed, we will make a recommendation on how the case could be handled. The Randall County District Attorney’s office will review all felony referrals, as well as all matters involving drugs and weapons.

Based on the seriousness of the alleged offense and the needs and circumstances of the child, several things could be recommended. These dispositions can range from a brief diversion program to official court action. The majority of youth are placed on supervision within their home and allowed to earn their way off of supervision by adherence to the supervision using appropriate behaviors.

A few of the programs offered by the Randall County Juvenile Probation Department are:

Victim Services
Diversion Program
The Parent Project Program
Family Intervention Program