Youth Center of the High Plains

The mission of the Youth Center of the High Plains is to provide quality secure pre-adjudication detention services and a continuum of quality post-adjudication residential services. These services are to be provided in a way that assures a safe, structured, secure yet positive environment for youthful offenders while promoting the safety and welfare of the community in a professional, healthy workplace so that those served will have a better opportunity to become self-sufficient, productive, law-abiding citizens upon their release.

More than one-half of the eighty-six beds in the Youth Center of the High Plains are dedicated to secure pre-adjudication services. The majority of the youth detained at the Youth Center are from Randall and Potter Counties. Services are available for our juvenile departments in the Panhandle.

A juvenile probation officer or Youth Center intake officer must authorize detention of a juvenile prior to their admission to the Youth Center. An intake officer is available 24/7 at the Youth Center. Detained youth are allowed to call their parents or guardian shortly after their arrival at the Center. As soon as their intake is completed, they are allowed to visit with their parents or guardian. A detention hearing will be scheduled by the second working day if the child is not released prior to that time.

Supervision of the detained youth is provided by certified juvenile supervision officers. The Texas Juvenile Justice Department is the certifying authority for supervision officers. A team leader is on-duty for each twelve hour shift. Neil Eddins is the Facility Administrator of the Youth Center and he is assisted by the Deputy Director, Jared Beukelman.

The detention program of the Youth Center is a safe and secure environment for these youth whose circumstances or the protection of the public require secure custody while their case is pending legal action.

The program of the Youth Center is pro-social, structured and positive. While in detention youth are provided with training in Rational Behavior Therapy, Anger Management and Social Skills. Levels and privileges are earned based on positive behaviors. Visitation and phone calls to family are allowed at least on a weekly basis.

The Youth Center is a campus of the Canyon Independent School District. All detained youth are required to attend all-day classes and are taught by accredited teachers. Upon leaving the Youth Center, grades and progress information will be provided to the home school.

Professional counselors are available for triage of serious mental health needs of the youth. On-site daily medical services are available. Each detained youth will be provided a physical screening within two days of admission into the Youth Center. Each youth is involved in various programs while at the Youth Center.